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For adults

For adults
Speech is the most frequently used skill which determines people's assessments. Therefore, it is crucial to achieve the communication level which makes language usage a pleasure. Although speech therapy is generally associated with children,
it is also concentrated on adult patients and their speech and language difficulties. A program of a therapy
as well as materials and methods of work for this age group are tailored and matched to each patient's needs and abilities.

The evidence-based therapy is offered to patients searching for support in terms of:

  • improvement of linguistic and elocution skills
  • speech defects (like lisps, trouble shaping sounds correctly)
  • aphasia (language difficulties which occur after brain injury or as a result of neurological illness)
  • stammering or other problems with speech fluency
  • anatomical defects (as a result of accidents or surgical procedure effecting in unclear speech)
  • neuromuscular problems which can steam from stroke (the tension of muscles of tongue or mouth may be to strong or too weak)
  • inability to use verbal communication

Speech and language assessment needs discussion on patient's expectations and analysis of medical history and treatment. I can provide specialist diagnostic tests
if required. It is also possible to record sessions for future progress analysis. Some of the patients are recommended to consult another specialist for further examination.
The frequency and duration of sessions are fixed individually. Methods and the program of therapy are always tailored considering mainly the nature and extent of difficulties, age, interests, the health state of a patient etc. Families are welcome to take part
in sessions as it is crucial to support therapy at home or to learn and understand how
to help a patient when speech and language difficulties occur. Exercises will be performed under control of the specialist during a therapy session, however, patients are also advised to continue work at home. It is worth to remember, that in terms of some disorders (such as language problems after stroke), an early start of the therapy
is an important factor influencing the success of the treatment.
Language difficulties which can appear at any stage of an adult life and are therefore likely to cause distress and anxiety. It is then highly recommended to seek assistance from an experienced therapist.
The benefit from the speech therapy can be building up your confidence and overcoming frustrations associated with communication difficulties or negative feelings about non fluent or unclear speech manner.

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